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E-cigarettes don't help people give up smoking

Vaping, patches, sprays - or nothing at all - all pretty much the same with a 10% success rate


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Rate of quitting smoking the same with e-cigarettes as using alternative aids or nothing at all.

These individuals are also more likely to remain dependent on nicotine.

assessed data collected as part of a study that has recruited around 49,000 people across the US.

Of the 9021 people who initially said they smoked on a daily basis, 2770 had attempted to quit.

Only around 10 per cent of people managed to stay abstinent from tobacco products

Other aids included clinically approved drugs and nicotine replacement patches, sprays and lozenges.

But those that used e-cigarettes were more likely to still be using these products two years later,

Thought that is going to be a lot better for them than if they’d smoked cigarettes.

E-cigarettes might encourage “additional quitters” who might not have made an attempt to quit smoking otherwise,

Research by University of California, San Diego published in PLOS One.

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