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DunedinPACE, a highly precise new generation epigenetic ageing clock


Key points from article :

The Dunedin Pace of Aging measurement offers an instantaneous look at a person’s current pace of aging.

Its algorithm acts like a speedometer, showing how accelerated or slowed a person’s aging, with only one test.

Able to identify accelerated aging and predict long-term risk of poor health, chronic disease, and dying earlier.

When comparing DNA samples tested twice from 183 patients, DunedinPACE has less variation between samples.

With real-time feedback, healthcare practitioners can test the impact of supplements or diets on a person.

Phenotypic changes measured with DunedinPACE include: facial phenotypes, balance & coordination, grip strength, cortical thickness & brain surface area, eyesight, hearing, lung function, dental health, bone density, and additional values.

"DunedinPACE is the only aging measure so far that was trained on biological change," - Terrie Moffitt from Duke University.

This algorithm is being validated in saliva. Investigations into genomic associations have already begun.

Tracks rate of ageing and predicts onset of disease or death with a single blood test

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Private research university in Durham, North Carolina


Professor and American clinical psychologist.


The epigenetic company measuring biological age based on DNA methylation