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Dilution of old blood restores healthy brain function


Key points from article :

Aged blood contains regenerative factors that cannot function due to an oversupply of pro-aging factors.

Lab’s study establishes that rejuvenation is possible simply via the dilution of old blood.

Improves cognition, reduces neuroinflammation, and spurs neurogenesis in old mice.

Researchers tested both dilution via a neutral blood exchange and the senolytic drug ABT-263, also known as Navitoclax.

Senolytic ABT 263 had limited effects on neuroinflammation and did not enhance hippocampal neurogenesis in the old mice.

But both reduced SASP-associated biomarkers in the brains of aged animals.

"The dilution of old plasma is more effective for brain rejuvenation than the senolytic ABT 263, even though both act in the periphery – not in the brain" - Irina Conboy, Lead author.

Dilution of old blood plasma yields an increase in the determinants of brain maintenance and repair in mice and in people.

Study by Conboy Lab at UC Berkeley published in Geroscience.

Reduces neuroinflammation & promotes neurogenesis in aged brains of mice

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International, peer-reviewd journal of the American Aging Association published 2 times per month


Professor of Bioengineering at Berkeley University of California.


Research laboratory based in UC Berkeley developing solutions to slow down ageing


Public land-grant research university