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Digital twins to revolutionize personalized medicine


Key points from article :

Digital twins (DT) concept originated from the engineering industry.

AI helps in DT design to weave together organs’ physiological data to output a 3D image.

Siemens Healthineers trains its algorithms on huge database with >250M annotated images.

Enabling them to design digital heart models based on patients data.

Operator is able to test therapies on the model and look at the outcome.

Method already used in projects with hospitals in Europe to assess cardiovascular risks.

Concept still evolving, with only organ twins demonstrated.

There are some health trackers already available in the market to measure parameters.

These devices already offer a disconnected picture of the digital self.

Next step will be to link those insights to 3D- models of the organs.

Vital asset needed for this goal would be the patients’ data.

Challenges include data gathering and accuracy, also company profiteering.

Risk prediction and best therapy for a specific patient is a future possibility

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