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Covid-19 impact lead to reduction in life expectancy and mental wellbeing


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Life expectancy in the UK has fallen by a full year because of the high number of deaths caused by coronavirus.

OECD found that life expectancy in Britain fell from 81.4 years in 2019 to 80.4 years in 2020.

Life expectancy dropped in 24 countries last year, with Britain’s drop of a year among the worst.

Largest drops in life expectancy were seen in the United States (1.6 years) and Spain (1.5 years).

Covid-19 contributing to a 16 per cent increase in the expected number of deaths in 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Report, titled Health At A Glance 2021, said that the only OECD countries in which life expectancy had not fallen.

20 per cent of British adults now struggle with anxiety or depression compared to 10 per cent pre-pandemic.

Mental illness is now at double the levels seen pre-pandemic in most countries, especially in the UK, US and Mexico.

Covid-19 had a particularly “enormous” impact on the mental health of socially disadvantaged groups and young people.

Cases of anxiety and depression are now doubled when compared to pre-pandemic

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