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Cleara Biotech Joins the Race to Develop Senolytic Therapies


Key points from article :

Last year its drug candidate was effective while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Removes senescent cells using interaction between FOXO4 and p53.

Apollo Ventures had been looking for a marker specific to senescent cells.

Cleara will spend the next year optimizing the peptide.

Aim to bring a safe, effective senolytic therapy into human clinical trials.

This therapy uses a modified FOXO4 to promote apoptosis in senescent cells

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Apollo Health Ventures

Venture capital firm investing in seed and early stage biotechnology companies

Cleara Biotech

Cleara is developing therapeutics to eliminate senescent cells.

James Peyer

Stem cell biologist out to build biotech companies focused on age-related diseases, CEO at Cambrian Biopharma

Peter de Keizer

Associate Professor at UMC Utrecht, Founder and Managing Director at Cleara Biotech

UNITY Biotechnology

Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health