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Can senolytics improve heart disease and repair damaged heart cells?


Key points from article :

Researchers plan to test the effect of senolytic drugs on senescent cells in human heart.

This will be an attempt to eliminate zombie cells or stopping the harmful chemicals they produce.

Aims to test if it improves the survival and growth of heart cells and their ability to repair the heart.

Potential to treat age-related heart diseases and toxicity of cancer chemotherapy on the heart.

A Translational Research Project Grant worth £125,000 from Heart Research UK funds this research.

Senescent cells seem to play a major role even in heart diseases

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Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology at King's College London specializing in stem cell science, exercise scientist and physiology

Heart Research UK

Funds medical research focused on prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease

Kate Bratt-Farrar

CEO at Heart Research UK

King's College London

Public research university