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Blood test as multi-cancer detection tool


Key points from article :

Simple blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer.

Looks for chemical changes to bits of genetic code leaking from tumours into the bloodstream.

It could help diagnose tumours sooner, for easier treatment.

>99% of positive results are accurate, but it will be crucial to double check.

Tested >4,000 samples from patients - some with and some without cancer.

96% of the samples, the test accurately detected the type of cancer.

Seems to have all features needed for use on a population scale, as multi-cancer screening test.

Test has actually now been launched for limited use on clinical trials.

Doctors are using it in trials with patients but more studies are needed.

Trial data suggests it is better at detecting more advanced disease.

More research to be done to improve test's ability to catch early cancers.

Published in Annals of Oncology.

More to look forward as it promises early cancer detection when fine-tuned

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