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Automating healthy lifespan studies using nematodes


Key points from article :

Researchers developed an automated measurement system to assess healthy lifespans using nematodes.

Healthy life expectancy is an important indicator for the health of a population.

C. elegans Lifespan Auto-monitoring System (C-LAS) can non-invasively measure a large number of samples.

By using C-LAS, nematodes classified into an active (alive) state, an inactive survival state, or an inactive (dead) state.

Established a new system called the C. elegans Healthspan Auto-monitoring System (C-HAS).

C-HAS distinguish those with an average lifespan, healthy and long-lived, unhealthy and die prematurely, and long period of frailty.

Metformin is thought to increase healthy life expectancy in humans, and the present study supports this idea.

Clinical trials are underway to ascertain its association with healthy longevity.

"...working on the development of C-HAS-AI to boost automated analysis." - Tsuyoshi Shuto, lead author.

Research by Kumamoto University published in the Journal of Pharmacological Sciences.

New automated system with AI searches genes, drugs to extend human healthy lifespan

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Peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Elsevier


Japanese national university


Associate Professor at Kumamoto University