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AstraZeneca partners up with Daiichi Sankyo for cancer drug


Key points from article :

AstraZeneca has agreed a deal worth £4.7bn with a Japanese drug company, Daiichi Sankyo.

This is to develop and market a potential new cancer treatment.

It would pay $1bn (£800m) upfront for oncology treatments.

Company got the attention of investors this year due to its potential covid-19 vaccine.

Its bestselling cancer drug, Tagrisso, brought in $3.2bn in sales last year.

The latest potential cancer treatment, DS-1062, targets the Trop2 protein.

Medicine has not yet been approved for use, safety and efficacy not yet established.

Its significant potential seen for lung and breast cancer.

The deal will give AstraZeneca a slice of the global sales of the treatment.

As they have agreed to partner up to develop and commercialize DS-1062.

However, Daiichi Sankyo will keep the exclusive rights to the Japanese market.

New strategic collaboration will help bring DS-1062 to more patients as quickly as possible.

New drug could become the best one to target and treat multiple tumours in the future

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