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Anti-5G products claims to be protective but actually emit harmful radiation


Key points from article :

“Anti-5G” pendants and accessories claiming to protect people from 5G networks have been found to be radioactive.

The Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radio protection (ANVS) warned that the products are emitting ionising radiation.

Identified nine “anti-5G” products, including a sleep mask, a pendant and children’s bracelet.

ANVS urged people to stop wearing the products and to return them safely.

No scientific evidence that 5G mobile networks are harmful to health.

The WHO says 5G mobile networks are safe, and there are no fundamental differences between 5G and existing 3G/4G signals

Dutch law prohibits the sale of these products, and any attempt to do so violates the Nuclear Energy Act.

The UK’s Trading Standards to halt sales of a £339 “5GBioShield” in May 2020, which they identified as no more than a basic USB drive.

Dutch authorities warned the use of these necklaces, bracelets and sleep masks

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