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Aging focused biotechs forms AI based joint venture


Key points from article :

Insilico Medicine, Juvenescence and Buck Institute have formed a new joint venture to extend life spans.

The combined Napa Therapeutics will focus on developing NAD+ metabolism research.

“This is a unique opportunity to use cutting-edge AI to accelerate drug discovery” - Eric Verdin, CEO of the Buck Institute.

Insilico’s drug development engine is used to discover new compounds.

Juvenescence in-licenses aging-related assets.

“The Buck is excited to join with Insilico and Juvenescence as we work to eliminate the threat of age-related disease" - Verdin.

Verdin’s lab is studying the role of sirtuins, deacylating enzymes and signaling metabolites from the mitochondria, and their regulation of aging.

“Aging research will improve and extend the lives of everyone on the planet and reduce the pain and suffering associated with the age-associated diseases” - Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of Insilico Medicine.

Groundbreaking research biotechs performs aging research together for longevity

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Alex Zhavoronkov

CEO of InSilico Medicine & Deep Longevity. CSO of Biogerontology Research Foundation

Buck Institute

Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging

Eric Verdin

CEO & President at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Insilico Medicine

Biotechnology company that uses artificial intelligence to develop new drugs and for aging research


Developing therapies against different aging related diseases.

Napa Therapeutics

Focused on a novel target linked to one of the fundamental processes of aging