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After covid vaccine, Oxford to tackle antibiotic resistance


Key points from article :

Oxford University is opening a new research institute dedicated to tackling resistance to antibiotics.

One of the the biggest rising threats to global health, causing 1.5 million deaths per year worldwide.

The institute will be funded by £100m donated by the Ineos chemical company.

Covid pandemic had shown the "high cost of ignoring something that is likely to head our way". Louise Richardson, vice chancellor.

50 researchers addressing the "over-use and mis-use" of antibiotics.

Oxford's success in developing a Covid vaccine had created a positive public perception of university research and the value of experts.

Routine operations and "taken-for-granted treatments" would become much riskier without effective antibiotics.

The high-profile development of a Covid vaccine had shown the value of university research, Prof Richardson.

"It's so much in the national interest that we have good universities," she said.

Expert researchers to address antibiotic resistance with the £100m fund by Ineos

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Political scientist, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford


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