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A natural cholesterol metabolite with senolytic effect in mice and humans

New class of senotherapeutic drugs that could possibly target various diseases and ageing


Key points from article :

Endogenous metabolite 25-hydroxycholesteral (25HC) significantly reduced burden of senescent cells in multiple cell types.

Effects showed in both mice and human cell culture; in live mice, it showed particular efficacy in skeletal muscle.

“25HC represents a brand new class of potential interventions,” - Simon Melov, senior scientist on the study.

“Most likely to be useful in multiple contexts of senescence in different disease states, as well as in aging.”

25HC is a little understood oxidized lipid involved in cholesterol metabolism.

It could selectively kill senescent cell types isolated from skeletal muscle.

Improved muscle mass in aged mice.

Killed senescent dermal fibroblasts in mice, and in primary human cells (lung, heart, liver, kidney and articular cartilage).

It was increased in people infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus, saying it may be some sort of defense mechanism.

Melov said 25HC wouldn't have been discovered without single cell sequencing.

Study by Buck Institute published in iScience.

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Buck Institute

Independent biomedical research institute focused on aging


Interdisciplinary open access journal

Simon Melov

Professor at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and CEO of Gerostate Alpha.

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