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Interdisciplinary open access journal

 iScience is a new open-access journal from Cell Press that provides a platform for original research in the life, physical, and earth sciences. The primary criterion for publication in iScience is a significant contribution to a relevant field combined with robust results and underlying methodology. The advances appearing in iScience include both fundamental and applied investigations across this interdisciplinary range of topic areas. To support transparency in scientific investigation, we are happy to consider replication studies and papers that describe negative results.

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Details last updated 21-Jun-2020

iScience News

A natural cholesterol metabolite with senolytic effect in mice and humans

Buck Institute - 02-Feb-2022

New class of senotherapeutic drugs that could possibly target various diseases and ageing


Exercise rather than dieting is more important for a longer and healthier life

Independent - 20-Sep-2021

Even if you are naturally skinny, you still need to exercise to keep your body healthy


Antibiotics extended the lives of the flies and changed their gene activity - 24-Jun-2021

In future, we can locate the genes which are linked to the aging process


Is it possible to predict biological age with gut microbiome? (LEAF) - 19-Jun-2020

Models and anti-ageing intervention design enables new ageing clock development