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A 12-week strength-endurance training lowered senescence proteins in older people


Key points from article :

A 12-week program of structured exercise lowers the activity of the inflammatory SASP in people in their mid-60s.

Roughly 1-kilogram loss in fat mass and an almost 2-centimeter decrease in waist circumference.

Both physical and mental composite scores increased slightly.

Lean mass was also shown to increase very slightly, although this was not statistically significant.

People who were sedentary before the intervention remained sedentary afterwards.

CD3(+) T cells expressed less of multiple senescence-related genes, including the p16, p21, and TNF-alpha.

Ten different proteins related to cellular senescence were also shown to decrease.

Links the decrease of the SASP with the benefits of exercise in older people.

While this study went in-depth in its analyses, it only had 34 participants and no control group.

Regular exercise has repeatedly been shown to improve human health, even in the elderly.

Study by Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging published in Aging cell.

New study using biomarkers proved the importance of regular exercise again

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