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Wyss Institute

Research institute focused on developing bioinspired materials and devices

We employ a unique model of technology translation within academia. Technologies conceived in our research laboratories are refined and de-risked technically and commercially by our Advanced Technology and Business Development teams. Our technologies are licensed to newly-founded startup companies or industry partners to bring about positive, near-term impact in the world.

We aim to have near-term impact in the world by developing groundbreaking bioinspired technologies, ranging from novel devices and materials to high-value therapeutics and diagnostics, that are translated into commercial products and solutions.

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People at Wyss Institute

Donald E. Ingber

Founding Director of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University

Jennifer Lewis

Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University

Ignacio Galiana

CEO at Verve, Inc., and former Staff Engineer and Program Manager for Soft Wearable Robotic programs at the Wyss Institute.

Conor Walsh

Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University.

Ido Bachelet

Postdoctoral Fellow at Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Louis N. Awad (Lou Awad)

Associate Faculty Member of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute

Justin Werfel

Research scientist at Harvard’s Wyss Institute.

William Shih

Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School.

Wesley Wong

Biologist, population geneticist, mathematical modeler and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Sebastien Uzel

Research Associate at the Wyss Institute.

Mark Skylar-Scott

Assistant Professor and researcher in 3D biprinting.

Wyss Institute News

Ageing may be driven by disruptions in electrical signals between cells

Live Forever Club - 05-Jan-2024

Bioelectric signals could even promote tissue regeneration


A tiny origami robot perform minimally invasive surgeries

Medical Expo - 06-Oct-2020

Japanese origami inspired robot perform precise and less invasive surgical tasks


"Cruelty-free" preclinical drug testing is possible

Wyss Institute - 27-Jan-2020

Body-on-Chips platform is created by connecting 10 organ-chips to mimic normal human blood flow


3D printed hybrid living materials that can control living organisms - 23-Jan-2020

Pigments can be replaced with useful chemical substances in the future


ReStore soft exoskeleton gets CE Mark clearance

The Robot Report - 30-May-2019

Ideal system for stroke therapy in the clinic at a lower price


Molecular Robotics at the Wyss Institute

Robohub - 20-Dec-2017

Robots and DNA share the ability to be programmed to complete a specific function. Molecules can...


Smaller, smarter, softer robotic arm for endoscopic surgery

Harvard University - 02-Aug-2017

Bioinspired approach combines pop-up fabrication with soft robotics. Endoscopes rely on rigid su...


Exosuit reduces energy needed to walk by 23%

Next Big Future - 21-Jan-2017

The more assistance provided to the ankle joints, the more energy the wearers could save. Wearer...


Comfortable trousers or the latest exoskeleton?

Popular Mechanics - 12-May-2016

Can provide self-reliance to the elderly and disabled with simple acts like walking up the stairs...


Mechanotherapy regenerates injured muscle tissue

Kurzweil Network - 28-Jan-2016

Could replace or enhance drug- and cell-based regenerative treatments. 2 techniques tested – fer...


Becoming Cyborg: 10 Amazing MedTech Inventions

Labiotech - 15-Dec-2015

Some of the best developments from 2015: Google contact lens with wireless chip and glucose sens...


Army evaluates DARPA’s futuristic soft exosuit

U.S. Army News - 28-Oct-2014


Lung-on-a-chip (video)

Harvard University - 29-Jan-2013

Mechanical and biochemical behaviors of a human lung including separated air and blood channels. ...