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We have always been cyborgs

London Futurists webinar about transhumanism with Stefan Lorenz Sorgner (FREE)


In this London Futurists webinar, leading philosopher Stefan Lorenz Sorgner will be sharing key ideas from his forthcoming new book "We Have Always Been Cyborgs", as well as from his previous book (published in December 2020) "On Transhumanism (The Most Dangerous Idea in the World?!)".

The concept of transhumanism emerged in the middle of the twentieth century, and is having a growing influence on discussions around AI, brain-computer-interfaces, genetic technologies and life extension. As a subject, it remains controversial and widely misunderstood.

In "We Have Always Been Cyborgs", Stefan explores the critical issues that link transhumanism with digitalisation, gene technologies and ethics. He examines the history and meaning of transhumanism, and asks bold questions about human perfection, cyborgs, genetically enhanced entities, and uploaded minds.

Sections in the book include "Transhumanism in a nutshell", "Silicon-based transhumanism", "Carbonate-based transhumanism", "Moral (bio)enhancement", and "A fictive ethics".

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