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Verily Study Watch

Sensor-based wearable for continuous monitoring.

Verily Study Watch is a sensor-based wearable device for non-invasive, continuous monitoring. The Investigational Study Watch is used in research and clinical studies, and the FDA-cleared Study Watch for ECG and Irregular Pulse Monitor is used in care collaborations with our partners.

The ability to passively capture health data is critical to the success of clinical research and continuous care platforms. Built by our team of engineers, clinicians and user experience designers, Study Watch employs specialized sensors and robust cloud infrastructure to capture and analyze physiological and environmental data.

Study Watch collects biometric health information, such as ECG, heart rate, electrodermal activity and inertial movements. Data from Study Watch are uploaded via WiFi or a cellular network using Study Hub, which provides a physical dock to sync the device. Data is processed and stored in our cloud platform using proprietary algorithms, and translated into program-specific dashboards or insights.

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Details last updated 17-Feb-2021

Verily Study Watch News

Alphabet’s Verily offers Study Watch health monitoring wearable

TechCrunch - 14-Apr-2017

Designed with long-term medical research in mind. Will be used for Baseline – a study to track ...

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