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University of Alberta

University of Alberta in Canada

The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s top teaching and research universities, with an international reputation for excellence across the humanities, sciences, creative arts, business, engineering, and health sciences. Home to more than 39,000 students and 15,000 faculty and staff, the university has an annual budget of $1.7 billion and attracts nearly $450 million in sponsored research revenue. The U of A offers close to 400 rigorous undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in 18 faculties on five campuses. The university has more than 250,000 alumni worldwide.

The university and its people remain dedicated to the promise made in 1908 by founding president Henry Marshall Tory that knowledge shall be used for “uplifting the whole people."​

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Details last updated 25-Dec-2019

People at University of Alberta

Stephen Foulkes

Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Alberta

Katie Willis

Communications Lead Faculty of Science, University of Alberta

Adetola Adesida

Associate Director of Otolaryngology Basic Science Research at University of Alberta

Taryn Stokowski

Graduate student at University of Alberta.

Christine Webber

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Anatomy Dept, University of Alberta

David Evans

Professor in Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology at University of Alberta.

David Wishart

Scientist trained in physics, biochemistry, biophysics, pharmaceutical science and computational biology

University of Alberta News

Running a mile under 4 minutes is linked to longer and healthier life

Live Forever Club - 16-May-2024

Such athletes lived an average of 4.7 years longer than the general population


Bioprinted cartilage rebuilds nose after skin cancer

New Atlas - 04-May-2021

Nose reconstruction made less invasive with 3D bioprinting, plans for human trails in 2-3 years


A new technique of accelerating nerve regeneration in animals

Folio - 19-Aug-2020

Will help trauma patients recover faster and better from nerve injuries


Genes not the best predictor of human disease risk

University of Alberta - 18-Dec-2019

Risks arise mostly from metabolism, environment, lifestyle, and exposure to various chemicals


DIT Gene Editing - Someone Is Going to Get Hurt

New York Times - 14-May-2018

Decentralization of DNA editing techniques will lead to regulatory and public health problems