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The Singularity Is Nearer

Ray Kurzweil explores how technology will refashion the human race in the decades to come

In this entirely new book Ray Kurzweil brings a fresh perspective to advances in the singularity--assessing the progress of many of his predictions and examining the novel advancements that, in the near future, will bring a revolution in knowledge and an expansion of human potential. Among the topics he discusses are rebuilding the world, atom by atom with devices like nanobots; radical life extension beyond the current age limit of 120; reinventing intelligence by expanding biological capacity with nonbiological intelligence in the cloud; how life is improving with declines in areas such as poverty and violence; and the growth of technologies such as renewable energy and 3-D printing, which can be applied to everything from clothes to building materials to growing human organs. He also considers the potential perils of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence, including such topics of current controversy as how AI will impact unemployment and the safety of autonomous cars, and After Life technology, which will reanimate people who have passed away through a combination of data and DNA.

Release Date

***RELEASED ON 27-Jun-2024*** come back soon for 101 key points from the book

The book's release date has been pushed back a few times, here's the latest on when it is expected:

May 2024: holding steady at 25 June 2024 - fingers crossed!

Mar 2024: Another week's delay... 25 June 2024

Dec 2023: Pushed back a couple of weeks to 18 June 2024

June 2023: Amazon now says 03 June 2024

April 2023: Amazon UK still showing June 2023, US site says June 2024

Sept 2022: Lex Fridman podcast: book mentioned, but no update on release date 

May 2022: postponed until June 2024

Dec 2021: first two chapters released to limited reviewers

Sept 2021: delayed to February 2023

Originally planned for September 2022 publication. People were pre-ordering in 2020.

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Details last updated 27-Jun-2024

The Singularity Is Nearer News

Ray Kurzweil brings his prediction of the technological singularity forward to 2029

Independent - 13-Mar-2024

Also predicts a new era of hybrid humans and the potential to reverse aging within the next five years

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