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Sustainable Superabundance: A Universal Transhumanist Invitation

Book by futurist David Wood - including a brief review

In this vision, the sky will no longer be the limit. In this vision, the cosmos beckons, with its vast resources and endless possibilities. In this vision, our destiny lies in the ongoing exploration and development of both outer and inner space, as we keep reaching forwards together to higher levels of consciousness and to experiences with ever greater significance.

But first, we face some hard, critical choices – choices that will determine our future. If we choose poorly, technology will do much more harm than good. If we choose poorly, a bleak future awaits us – wretched environmental decline, bitter social divisions, and a rapid descent into a dismal new dark age. Instead of the flourishing of the better angels of our human nature, it will be our inner demons that technology magnifies.

This book - this Universal Transhumanist Invitation - explains the choices.

Adrian's Book Review

A concise summary of the transhumanist vision from one of the UK's leading futurist thinkers.

There's no waffle in this book, David Wood covers the possibilities (good and bad) of rapidly accelerating technical change that could provide abundance in energy, food, materials, intelligence, creativity and (most important to the club...) health. The strand which holds them all together is a super democracy to ensure that efficiencies developed using AI and implemented with robotics and nanotechnology are fairly (but not equally) spread among the population - highlighting that all companies benefit from society and therefore members of society should benefit from the success of companies.

And he doesn't pretend it will be easy - not only is this an invitation to discuss the beliefs of transhumanists (who accept wide differences in opinion) but also an invitation to improve on the ideas on the book as David acknowledges we are only at the start of the journey.

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