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Steve Perry

CEO at GDF11 Rejuvenation, Inc

Steve has always been interested in stopping the aging process and as a lifelong software person, coupled with plenty of evidence from parabiosis experiments, he believes lifespan is programmed by natural selection, specifically group selection.

The main mechanism for determining lifespan is a naturally occurring, blood born peptide called GDF11. Interestingly enough, the molecular structure of GDF11 is maintained across all vertebrate species. You have GDF in you right now, but unless you are 18, you don't have enough of it.

GDF11's mechanism of action is repairing stem cell DNA. GDF11 declines with age, so as you age, your stem cell colonies diminish and atrophy, eventually resulting in catastrophic failure i.e., death. Injecting endogenous GDF11 can stop this process and his goal for the last two years has been to refine the GDF11 dosage and replacement process.

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