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SleepScore Max

Sensor taking clinical image of sleep measuring its quality and quantity.

SleepScore Max is a personalized sleep sensor and monitor. The uniqueness of the device is in the way it monitors your kip time. Similar to the echo location system used by bats, it detects your sleep levels without touching you or the sleeping surface. Which means no mattress strips and no wristbands.

SleepScore Max provides the most accurate sleep tracking next to clinical sleep measures. Without requiring you to wear a device or place anything on your bed, the SleepScore Max sensor can be placed on your bedside table. The sensor measures the quality and quantity of your sleep. Every morning, the companion app allows you to view your quality scores, personalized insights, and actionable advice.

Sensors in gizmo detect key sleep-related parameters within your environment including loud sounds, light levels and temperature. These are analyzed along with how they impact your sleep state to produce customized suggestions for helping you to get a better night’s sleep.

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