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Satellite Bio

Developing new class of regenerative medicine - Tissue therapeutics

Satellite Bio is specialized in cell therapy, regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, cell biology, and tissue engineering.

With the first-of-its-kind SAT (Satellite Adaptive Tissues) platform, Satellite Bio can turn virtually any cell type into bioengineered tissues that are integrated into the body to restore natural function. These tissues, called Satellites, can deliver the comprehensive cellular response needed to repair or even replace critical organ functions in patients with diseases caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. The SAT platform is an unprecedented technology with the potential to drive a pipeline of sophisticated cell-based therapeutic solutions that tackle a broad range of elusive diseases.

Satellite Bio’s quest is as audacious as it is clear: bring new hope to patients and families suffering from elusive diseases. Tissue Therapeutics is how it will deliver on that promise—and why it is deeply committed to leading and realizing the potential of this exciting new frontier in regenerative medicine.

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People at Satellite Bio

Dave Lennon

Chief executive officer of Satellite Bio

Satellite Bio News

Satellite Bio raised $110M to push its tissue therapies to the clinic

FierceBiotech - 20-Apr-2022

Bioengineered implanatable tissues can repair or replace diseases organs