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Satellite Bio raised $110M to push its tissue therapies to the clinic


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Satellite Bio raised $110M in seed and series A funding to progress its implantable tissue treatments into the clinic.

Satellite Adaptive Tissue (SAT) platform will enable implantation of engineered whole cells to repair/replace damaged organ tissue.

“Engineered implantable tissues replicate natural cells to function properly and impart a therapeutic benefit,” -Dave Lennon, CEO.

In vivo tests in animals showed a “full repertoire” of cell function.

Testing on both small and large animal models.

Treatments are an off-the-shelf therapy and can be assembled in about three days, ready to be implanted “in about a week's time", according to Lennon.

Satellite will first use Tissue Therapeutics to target liver diseases.

As teatments will initially require immunosuppressants, the company will focus on liver conditions compared to an organ transplant.

Funding further development of the platform and expanding proof-of-concept data to other organs beyond the liver.

Bioengineered implanatable tissues can repair or replace diseases organs

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Dave Lennon

Chief executive officer of Satellite Bio

Satellite Bio

Developing new class of regenerative medicine - Tissue therapeutics