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Ronit Satchi-Fainaro

Head of Cancer Research and Nanomedicine Laboratory at Tel Aviv University.

In our lab, we invest multidisciplinary efforts to elucidate the basic molecular mechanisms responsible for cancer progression to an aggressive, metastatic, drug-resistant phenotype in order to reveal new “druggable targets” for clinical translation. To achieve this goal, we exploit a rich platform of cell lines, ex vivo 3D models and in vivo mouse models of cancer as well as fresh and archived tissue specimens obtained from fruitful collaborations with several of TAU’s affiliated hospitals. We use a range of molecular and functional techniques to identify and validate new markers and drivers of cancer progression. The newly-gained knowledge is harnessed for the design of novel clinically-relevant polymer-based diagnostic and therapeutic tools for cancer. Our vision is that our multidisciplinary approach will revolutionize our perception of tumor progression and consequently the way we diagnose and treat cancer.

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