Using nano-vaccine for preventing and treating tumours in mice


Researchers used tiny particles, about 170 nanometers in size, made up of biodegradable polymers.
Each particle contained 2 peptides of short chains of amino acids, which are found in melanoma cells.
Nanoparticles (or “nano-vaccines”) then got injected into mice that had melanoma.
Nanoparticles stimulated the immune system of the mice for attacking two peptides containing melanoma cells.
It may take at least five to 10 years before a product could reach the market.
Nano-vaccine was developed by Tel Aviv University researchers.
The study was published in Nature Nanotechnology journal.

New approach has been effective in preventing the development of melanoma, treating primary tumours

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Journal Nature Nanotechnology - A journal providing information from all aspects of nanoscale science and technology.

Academic Ronit Satchi-Fainaro - Head of Cancer Research and Nanomedicine Laboratory at Tel Aviv University.

Academia Tel Aviv University - Public Research university.

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