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Rice University

Private research university in Houston, Texas

Boasting a 300-acre tree-lined campus in Houston, Rice University is ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. Rice has a 6-to-1 undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio, and a residential college system, which supports students intellectually, emotionally and culturally through social events, intramural sports, student plays, lectures series, courses and student government. Developing close-knit, diverse college communities is a strong campus tradition, which is why Rice is highly ranked for best quality of life and best value among private universities.

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People at Rice University

Silvia Cernea Clark

Media Relations Specialist at Rice University

Adam Farsheed

Doctoral Student in Bioengineering, NSF GRFP Fellow at Rice university

Mike Williams

Senior Media Relations Specialist at Rice University

Jacob Robinson

Associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University

Jeffrey Tabor

Associate Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University

Jade Boyd

Science Editor; Associate Director of Media Relations at Rice University

Dmitri Lapotko

Faculty Fellow in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Rice University.

Pedro Alvarez

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University.

James Tour

Professor of Chemistry at Rice University.

Jordan Miller

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University and Co-Founder at Volumetric, Inc.

Rice University News

Vibrating dyes nicknamed "molecular jackhammers" smash apart tumour membranes

GEN News - 20-Dec-2023

A novel way to beat cancer in the lab showing promise in mice


Rice researchers awarded $45M to develop cancer implant that could save millions

Rice University - 26-Sep-2023

Implant continuously monitors cancer and adjusts immunotherapy dose in real time


Multidomain peptides as base material in the 3D-printing inks promote tissue development

Rice University - 07-Feb-2023

The peptide-3D printing ink could benefit regenerative medicine and medical research enormously


Wireless brain communication could soon be a reality

EurekAlert! - 25-Jan-2021

Post-demo on rodents, researchers to begin brain-brain communication in humans


Engineered genes in gut bacteria might help you live longer

Forbes - 23-Dec-2020

Green light activated E.coli genes, extending life in Caenorhabditis elegans


Shielded stem cells repair heart attack injuries in rodents


Bioengineered minimally invasive shielded stem cells reduces heart attack damage


Conjoined twins hint at brain interface

ABC News - 25-Jul-2018

The thalamus may be the key for telepathic communication


Laser test for malaria, no blood sample required

New Scientist - 22-Jun-2015

Laser applied to person’s wrist or earlobe absorbed by waste crystals produced by the malaria par...