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Adam Farsheed

Doctoral Student in Bioengineering, NSF GRFP Fellow at Rice university

Adam Farsheed is a fourth-year Bioengineering PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Hartgerink at Rice University. His research is centered on designing self-assembling peptides that can be used as 3D printing inks and developing novel fabrication strategies to create hierarchical supramolecular hydrogels. Interested in applying these hydrogels towards tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Prior to coming to Rice, spent 2 years teaching middle school math in Kent, Washington as part of Teach for America.

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Adam Farsheed News

Multidomain peptides as base material in the 3D-printing inks promote tissue development

Rice University - 07-Feb-2023

The peptide-3D printing ink could benefit regenerative medicine and medical research enormously