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Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry

Book about old age psychiatrists, geriatricians, and other clinicians edited by Tom Dening

The Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry, Third Edition, has been thoroughly updated to keep pace with the developments that have taken place in old age psychiatry since publication of the Second Edition in 2013, including the publication of the DSM-5/ICD-11 classification criteria. The Third Edition also includes new chapters on the ageing brain; the experience of dementia; carers' issues; biomarkers; and old age psychiatry in low- and middle-income countries. This new edition introduces two new co-editors, Robert Stewart, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology & Clinical Informatics at King's College London (and a Co-Editor of Practical Psychiatric Epidemiology), and John-Paul Taylor, Professor of Translational Dementia Research at Newcastle University.

Part of the authoritative Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry series, this comprehensive resource is an essential reference for old age psychiatrists, geriatricians, and other clinicians who are interested in the mental health care of older people.

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