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Our World in Data

Data to understand the big global problems and research that helps to make progress against them

Poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality: The world faces many great and terrifying problems. It is these large problems that our work at Our World in Data focuses on.

Thanks to the work of thousands of researchers around the world who dedicate their lives to it, we often have a good understanding of how it is possible to make progress against the large problems we are facing. The world has the resources to do much better and reduce the suffering in the world.

We believe that a key reason why we fail to achieve the progress we are capable of is that we do not make enough use of this existing research and data: the important knowledge is often stored in inaccessible databases, locked away behind paywalls and buried under jargon in academic papers. 

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Our World in Data Creations

Life Expectancy graphs and maps

The world map shows the latest data published by the United Nations for life expectancy

People at Our World in Data

Max Roser

Founder and director of the research publication Our World in Data &a Research Director in economics at the University of Oxford