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Nature Communications’ Cell Death Discovery

International, online-only, open-access journal

Cell Death Discovery is a multidisciplinary, international, online-only, open-access journal, dedicated to publishing research at the intersection of medicine with biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology, cell biology, and cell death, provided it is scientifically sound.  Cell Death Discovery is committed to increasing the reproducibility of research. To this end, in conjunction with its sister journals Cell Death & Differentiation and Cell Death & Disease, Cell Death Discovery provides a unique forum for scientists as well as clinicians and members of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. It is committed to the rapid publication of high-quality original papers that relate to these subjects, together with topical, usually solicited, reviews, editorial correspondence, and occasional commentaries on controversial and scientifically informative issues.

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Nature Communications’ Cell Death Discovery News

Role of mature dendritic cells in thymic involution (LEAF) - 13-Sep-2021

Reversal of thymic aging possible through signaling based interventions