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Myriam Grunewald

Associated Researcher at the Hebrew University and Head of the Hadassah Organoid Center

Researcher at the Hebrew Univerisity and Head of the Hadassah Organoid Center (HOC) at Hadassah medical organisation (HMO).

Dr Myriam Grunewald has been trained as a Vascular Biologist in the laboratory of Prof. Eli Keshet, a world-wide renowned expert in this field.  She has recently become interested in studying the Aging process that she explores through the lens of blood vessels biology. Blood vessels are much more than simple blood conduits providing nutrients to our cells and are intricately implicated in the maintenance of our body’s homeostasis via multiple pathways. Dr Grunewald’s main research interest focuses currently on the role of the vasculature in the maintenance of adult stem cells in the hematopoietic and nervous system and how vascular cells drive organ regeneration following injury. Her recent major contribution to the aging field has placed age-related vascular deterioration at center stage to multi-organ aging, and has demonstrated that its undoing confers a comprehensive geroprotection. This work has opened many research directions, including the interesting possibility that preserving a functional microvasculature could slow down the aging clock of the body. She now focuses on deciphering the underlying mechanisms that induce aging in blood vessels and how they can be targeted to increase human healthspan.

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See also: Academia The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - University in Jerusalem.

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