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Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Private research university in Maryland, USA

Johns Hopkins University is a private research university located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA and established in 1876. It is divided into 10 divisions on campuses in Maryland and Washington DC with two international centres in Italy and China.

Johns Hopkins was also a  founding member of the Americasn Association of University.  As of October 2019, 39 Nobel laureates and 1 field medalist have been affiliated with Johns Hopkins.

They have distinguished professors mentor students in the arts and music, humanities, social and natural sciences, engineering, international studies, education, business, and the health professions. They are the nation’s leader in federal research and development funding every year since 1979.

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People at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Gabriel Bever

Associate Professor of Functional Anatomy and Evolution

Seth Shay Martin

Associate Professor of Medicine in Cardiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Co-Founder at Corrie Health

Francesco Tenore

Senior Professional Staff at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Gabriela Lucila Cantarero

Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Seth Blackshaw

Professor of neuroscience, neurology and ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) News

The first man to control his prosthetic arms with mind

Interesting Engineering - 14-Dec-2020

AI allowed a man with quadriplegia control both his robotic arms at the same time


A visual prosthesis to help blind people

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) - 20-Nov-2020

Will stimulate the visual cortex to perceive light and create images


Regenerating eyes could be a reality

ScienceAlert - 08-Oct-2020

Temporarily reactivating dormant genes could allow body to repair and regrow retinal cells