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Investing in the Future of Longevity – the Ketone Chapter

Juvenescence webinar about the latest research and developments on future of longevity investment


The field of longevity has long been considered to be theoretical and one for the future, but that future is here now. The science of ketosis promises lucrative opportunities in a wide range of therapeutic areas, and the global keto market is expected to rise to $14.75 billion by 2027.

Juvenescence has brought together the leading experts in the ketone metabolism research field for a panel discussion on the revolution happening with ketones and the direction the research is leading the key players in this space. We will cover how ketones can modulate fundamental aspects of human physiology, including glucose metabolism, brain function and heart health.

Speakers at this webinar are:

• Brianna Stubbs

• Gregory Bailey

• Jim Mellon

• John Newman

• Jonathan Little

• Peter Crawford

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Lead Translational Scientist at Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Company Representative

CEO at Juvenescence and chairman of Portage Biotech, Inc.

Health Professional

Geriatrician, basic science researcher, and educator at the Buck Institute and the UCSF


Associate Professor in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences at University of British Columbia


Professor of Medicine within the Division of Molecular Medicine at the University of Minnesota