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Human cryopreservation: the key legal and policy issues

Online event about human cryopreservation organized by London Futurists with Jordi Sandalinas as a main speaker (FREE)


The adoption of human cryopreservation - the preservation of deceased bodies at ultralow temperature in the hope that future technologies may allow a successful reanimation - has progressed more slowly than early supporters of the concept had expected. Among the factors that appear to deter or frustrate potential adoption, in at least some parts of the world, is a set of legal and policy issues. This webinar aims to reach an up-to-date understanding of these issues, along with suggestions to improve matters.

The lead speaker will be Jordi Sandalinas. Jordi is a lawyer, drone pilot, and Professor of the course on Drone Law at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

Topics to be covered include:

- The limits of rights for people to specify what happens to their bodies after legal death

- Laws governing the stabilization, transport, and storage of cryopreserved bodies

- Options for "cryopreservation with dignity", sometimes called cryothanasia

- Complications with laws regarding property and ownership when someone formally legally dead is reanimated

- Differences between the legal situation in different countries

- The case for a Europe-wide initiative to propose best practice in laws and regulations

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Details last updated 20-May-2022

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