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Hadas Mamane

Head of environmental engineering program, Tel Aviv University

Hadas Mamane received her B.Sc and M.Sc from the Technion in Haifa then she decided to work in the industry, prior to her PhD, as a process engineer in glass manufacturing and in a paper mill plant. This experience led to Hadas’s understanding of the environmental problems associated with manufacturing.

Hadas was later accepted to Duke university and studied the interaction of UV with particles. Hadas was and continues to be fascinated by the world of particles, their complex nature, and the way they can transform from one phase to another.

Her most recent career achievement occurred when she was promoted to Professor in her field– which was, as she describes, “an assurance of my path and dedication.” More recently, Hadas was granted a very prestigious grant on the development of a new disinfection reactor based on UV LEDs from the Ministry of Economics.

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