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Eric Topol

Founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, American cardiologist, scientist and author

Eric Topol, MD, is a practicing cardiologist with Scripps Clinic and a pioneer in the field of cardiovascular medicine. In his productive career as a physician-scientist, he has built an international reputation for his ground-breaking research and expertise.

Of special interest to Dr. Topol are genomics, wireless sensors, preventive cardiology (including heart attack prevention), coronary artery disease and preventive medicine. The research that Dr. Topol has done on genomic and wireless digital technologies continues to reshape the future of medicine. Despite his in-depth research focus, he continues to see patients at Scripps Clinic, as he believes that research is only as good as what it can do to help others.

Dr. Topol’s philosophy of care is based on the belief that patients should be fully empowered. He ensures this by sharing information completely and building a partnership with his patients. He is also a believer that each patient is unique and therefore requires a specific care plan tailored to their individual needs. He uses the latest innovations in heart care to treat his patients and only turns to medication when absolutely necessary.

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See also: Institute Scripps Research Institute - Medical research facility with focus on research and education in the biomedical sciences.

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