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Emerging Drugs and Targets for Alzheimer’s Disease

Importance of and social need of finding an effective therapeutic intervention for Alzheimer edited by Ana Martinez

Alzheimer´s disease (AD) is the most prevalent neurodegenerative disorder in the elderly. The Bloomberg School of Public Health recently estimated that over 26 million people were living with AD in 2006 and that the number will grow to 106 million by 2050. Interventions that delay onset by just one year could reduce the 2050 figure by 12 million. This demonstrates the importance and social need of finding an effective therapeutic intervention. Both volumes gather together some of the most promising examples of drugs now in pharmaceutical development, and new targets currently going through a validation process. It describes the discovery and development history of the disease modifying therapeutics most likely to reach the Alzheimer´s market in the next few years. It will be of interest to both those working in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia from graduate level onwards.

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