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Current Biology

Journal providing information from all areas of biology.

Current Biology is a general journal that publishes original research across all areas of biology together with an extensive and varied set of editorial sections. A primary aim of the journal is to foster communication across fields of biology, both by publishing important findings of general interest from diverse fields and through highly accessible editorial articles that explicitly aim to inform non-specialists.

Current Biology publishes papers reporting findings in any area of biology that have sufficient claim to be of general interest—this could be, for example, because the advance is important for a specific field, or because it is intrinsically of wide interest to biologists generally.

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Current Biology News

25% of calories burned with exercise are compensated by spending less energy elsewhere (LEAF) - 05-Oct-2021

Calorie compensation can reach up to 50% in obese people - explains why it is so hard to lose fat


Tiny worms in Siberian permafrost can reproduce even after 24,000 years

Guardian - 07-Jun-2021

Survival abilities of rotifers may help scientists develop better cryo-preservation techniques


Eating less to live longer? Study in fruit fly finds no benefit

Science Daily - 04-Jun-2020

Life extending benefit of dietary restriction might depend upon genetic makeup


Lie-ins don't reduce health impacts of lack of sleep

BBC - 28-Feb-2019

Best to keep a regular sleep schedule throughout the week


Cut that lie-in short

New Scientist - 07-Jun-2017

Study looked at how waking and sleeping hours shift at the weekend. For every extra hour a perso...


Heart repair

New Scientist - 08-Feb-2017

Exercise doesn’t just make your heart go faster – it might fix it too. 30 minutes running on a t...


Secret of youthful looks in ginger gene

BBC - 29-Apr-2016

DNA mutations that protect the body from UV radiation can also lead to red hair. Study Erasmus U...


Brain compass implant gives blind rats psychic GPS

New Scientist - 02-Apr-2015

A neuroprosthesis that feeds geomagnetic signals into the brains of blind rats has enabled them t...