Operating smart robots for people

To operate smart robots for people, currently we build and operate an open end-to-end cloud robot system, and offer it as a service to the world. Our pioneering world-class architecture connects robots and smart devices over a secure Virtual Backbone Networks (VBNs) to Cloud AI. Our Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence with Extreme Reality (HARIX) platform is an ever evolving “cloud brain” capable of operating millions of cloud AI robots performing different tasks simultaneously. Complemented by our smart joint technology (SCA), our cloud AI capabilities include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), navigation, and vision-controlled manipulation that’s bringing a vibrant cloud ecosystem of next generation robotics and smart devices to many industry value chains.

Includes Cloud Peppar, XR-1 and Patrol Robot.

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CloudMinds News

CloudMind robots used to protect staff in Wuhan field hospital

CNET - 14-Mar-2020

Able to monitor patients' vital signs and deliver medication remotely