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Anirvan Ghosh

Chief Executive Officer at UNITY Biotechnology.

Anirvan joined UNITY as CEO in March 2020. Prior to joining UNITY, he served as senior vice president and head of research and early development at Biogen. During his tenure at Biogen, Anirvan led a team of 350 scientists and clinicians responsible for preclinical, and clinical Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies in all of Biogen’s disease areas and led a marked expansion of its early clinical portfolio. Between 2017 and 2020, ten assets advanced from Research to Development and several reported positive proof of concept studies and are now in pivotal registration-enabling clinical trials. Anirvan was also involved in expanding the portfolio through key partnerships, including acquisition of early stage assets in Alzheimer’s Disease, Schizophrenia, and Ophthalmology, and several multi-asset platform collaborations.

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