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Andrew Owens

Research associate at the King's College London.

Andrew's research has predominantly examined the interaction between the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system and how this interaction relates to conscious and unconscious psychological and physiological processes. His academic career began as a research coordinator at Imperial College London (2008). Prior to this, he spent five years in the public and private sectors. 

Andrew's PhD (70% student/30% research coordinator) investigating the psychophysiology of dysautonomia was carried out between University College London’s (UCL) Institute of Neurology (IoN) and Imperial College London’s, Neurovascular Medicine Unit (2011–2015). His subsequent postdoc positions were at UCL’s IoN (2016–2017) and Royal Holloway’s Lab of Action and Body (2017-2018) before joining the IoPPN, where he is currently examining psychological, neurophysiological and autonomic nervous system biomarkers of neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative mechanisms in dementia and movement disorders. He also has experience of carrying out large public engagement behavioural research events at The Royal Opera House and Tate Modern.

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