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Aging and Disease

Bimonthly peer-reviewed open access medical journal

Aging & Disease (A&D) is a peer reviewed, open access online journal that aspires to publish novel and high-impact findings on central issues pertaining to the biology of aging, pathophysiology of age-related diseases, and innovative therapies for diseases afflicting the elderly population. The diseases of interest include (but not limited to) Stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Dementia, Depression, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Cataract, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and Hypertension. Studies on animal models as well as human tissues or cells are welcome.

Manuscripts in the following areas are of particular interest:

(A) Biology of Aging:

  •   Mechanisms underlying changes in gene & protein expression
  •   Genes, mutations, signaling pathways affecting longevity and successful aging
  •   Mechanisms underlying stem cell proliferation, differentiation and senescence
  •   Role of stress at organismal and cellular levels
  •   Comparative mechanistic studies across species
  •   Efficacy of cognitive and physical exercises on longevity and aging
  •   Effects of dietary-supplements on longevity and aging


(B) Pathophysiology of Age-related Diseases:

  •   Disease pathology using cellular and molecular approaches
  •   Extrinsic and intrinsic factors influencing disease onset, pathology &  progression
  •   Effects of physical exercise and environmental enrichment on disease  progression


(C) Novel treatments for Diseases afflicting the elderly

  •    Cellular therapies using specific stem, progenitor or precursor cells
  •    Gene therapies using cell grafts or specific vectors
  •    Effects of drugs, vitamins, hormones and antioxidants for treatment of diseases

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Details last updated 19-Mar-2020

Aging and Disease News

SIRT6: Ageing, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases - A Review

Live Forever Club - 20-Dec-2022

SIRT6 has a vital role in cell metabolism which could lead to therapeutics for controlling senescence


Serum from older adults increased ageing markers and killed brain stem cells in humans (LEAF) - 16-Dec-2021

Brain volume and lifestyle can increase difference between chronological and biological age


A new ageing clock that reveals your biological age

Longevity Technology - 09-Dec-2020

DeepMAge is an accurate ageing clock so far and could be a key in medicine


7 COVID-19 patients recovered, owing to stem cell therapy (LEAF) - 16-Mar-2020

A small study, but a big impact on the 7 participants who all recovered quickly