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ACS Publications

Publisher which delivers news from Chemical, Engineering and Medical fields.

ACS Publications is a leader in providing access to chemistry-related information and research through peer-reviewed journals and eBooks. Research from Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry and Medicine have been published in ACS Publications in journals and eBooks.

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See also: Institute American Chemical Society (ACS) - One of the world’s largest scientific societies and a source of authoritative scientific info

Details last updated 21-Oct-2019

ACS Publications News

Novel Claromer compounds fight viruses by targeting their protective membranes

Maxwell Biosciences - 02-Aug-2023

Inspired by human immunity, Claromers are revolutionary molecules which may overcome resistance in near future


Mitochondrial μ-cilia for climbing robots

Medgadget - 25-May-2021

Artificial version could help to propel tiny biomedical robots