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Synthetic red blood cells function similarly to natural ones


Key points from article :

Scientists weren’t able to integrate some qualities of natural red cells in to synthetic ones, until now.

Coated RBCs with a layer of silica and layered them with positively and negatively charged polymers.

Etched away the silica, producing RBC replicas and coated them with natural RBC membranes.

Similar in size, shape, charge and surface proteins to natural cells.

Have all the abilities of natural red blood cells and few additional abilities.

Plans to study potential in medical applications, such as cancer therapy and toxin biosensing.

Collaborative research published in ACS Nano.

Did not seem to cause any toxicity in mouse model

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Journal about nanoscience and nanotechnology.


Professor and expert in engineering and technology in University of New Mexico, USA


Professor at School of Biology and Biological Engineering, South China University of Technology