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Why I've just voted for DMI in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE

Adrian reviews a range of finalists trying to track cancer, blood oxygenation, retinal scans, and cardiac health
Published 29-Oct-2014
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There are 11 finalists and I've watched each of the videos - very brief notes for each below.

Really I hope that all of these come to fruition, and any one of them would be a great advance for medicine, so why did I choose DMI?

My dream for healthcare is that I can walk into a doctor's surgery (OK, showing my age there, maybe I'll just tweet them or something) and they will be able to run hundreds of tests within seconds, and then assess those results compared to my medical history, personal physiological data and my genes to determine whether its a minor ailment or is it an early warning to something that will take a minor intervention now rather than becoming life threatening in a few weeks/months/years time. DMI's technology with nanostrips analyzed by laser seems to closest to this vision - over time they can just keep adding more and more nanostrips until even the rarest conditions could be checked for on a daily basis.

In the 5 minutes I get with my GP on one of my rare visits theres no way that all of that could be considered, so as well as this a Watson style AI will need to do the analysis with the doctor interpretting the results for his or her patients. Hopefully one day hypochondriac can be removed from the dictionary because we just won't have to worry about whether we have a disease or not - we'll know every day before we've even finished brushing our teeth in the morning.



zLab magnetic biosensing - Ovarian cancer- results in 15 minutes - different cartridges for different tests
Archimej - blood drop tester - send to phone - main thing was software (including fidning nearest A&E)
Biovotion - constant monitoring using armband (eg hear rate, blood oxygenation, skin temp) *would be good if smaller, maybe too basic?
Atpotix - miniature spectrometer - eg blood oxygenation - sheath for phone *minitiarisation
Eigen Lifescience - hepatitis B - current antibodies expensive so only target infected children - test takes < 10 mins - cartridges for other diseases (similar to zLab?)
eyeMITRA - mobile retinal imaging - monitor blood vessels - eg detect damage caused by diabetes *nice but limited applications?
SensoDX - cardiac scorecard - different cartridges with lab based analyser *looks bigger than other entrants
Hemolix - maternal deaths - current monitoring requires several tests and takes hours - 3D printed phone accessory
DMI - 100s lab values from drop of blood - plus body pack - nano strip reagents read by laser ***looks like good techology with variety of uses
Gues - respiratory problems ~ 50% of population - no early diagnosis (cumbersome or inaccurate) -> AcuPebble stick on chest to monitor
Endotronix - pulmonary arterial pressure - currently only monitored when in hospitcal > implant *very invasive for preventative monitoring

Mentioned in this blog post:

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Wearable physiology monitoring company.

DNA Medicine Institute (DMI)

Laboratory and biomedical technology service provider.


Digital health medtech company.

Nokia Sensing Xchallenge

Prize given to sensing technology developed for any of the principal medical sensing domains


Medical device company providing assessment for many different conditions.

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