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Medical Technology

What's new in medical technology related to living forever? Although it will be the underlying biotechnology that cures ageing, we'll need plenty of new technology along the way to apply new treatments and to keep us healthy.

Click the links below for news and information on specific subjects as as big data (using AI to diagnose disease), nanobots (precision guided drug delivery) and robotic surgery (not as exciting as it sounds... yet).

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Magnitude Biosciences

Biotechnology company that combines experience in ageing research, the nematode C. elegans and automation

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA)

Applying Artificial General Intelligence to deliver decentralised precision health and predictive medicine

The Age of Scientific Wellness


Why the Future of Medicine Is Personalized, Predictive, Data-Rich, and in Your Hands, written by Leroy Hood and Nathan Price

Microsoft Healthcare

Digital health company providing personalized care for each individual

Denali Therapeutics

Company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for patients with neurodegenerative diseases


Biotechnology company that develops and manufactures human therapeutics for various illness and diseases


2bPrecise brings the power and promise of genomics and precision medicine directly into the clinical workflow

Basil Leaf Technologies

Company developing interactive, consumer-level products that empower individuals to monitor and improve their personal health


Global leader in digital therapeutics that combines the power of AI with wearables data to enable personalized care


Company that commercializes innovative (New) and integrative (Omics) platforms and solutions for personalized healthcare

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Medical Technology Blog Posts

Oxford Immune Algorithmics developing AI-driven precision medicine for all – site visit report

Oxford Immune Algorithmics developing AI-driven precision medicine for all – site visit report

Algocyte platform uses algorithmic inverse problem solving to aid clinicians in their diagnosis

Have you had coronavirus? UK COVID-19 antibody tests from £65

Have you had coronavirus? UK COVID-19 antibody tests from £65

Comparison of UK mail and clinic tests, plus a review of the Medichecks test

Types of coronavirus tests, and how accurate are they?

Types of coronavirus tests, and how accurate are they?

Do you know the difference between sensitivity and specificity?

Review of longevity technology in Passengers (movie)

Review of longevity technology in Passengers (movie)

Has a clever Autodoc chamber to diagnosis treat disease - would be surprising if it couldn't reverse ageing too by then

Warts precision medicine got to do with it?

Warts precision medicine got to do with it?

Skin growth as an example of where early diagnosis could save money, and put patients' minds at rest

Recent News

Vivodyne pioneers drug development with lab-grown organs with $38M funding

Longevity Technology - 22-Nov-2023

Offers over 20 innovative organ models for realistic testing and collaborating


Drones deliver life-saving defibrillators faster than ambulances

New Scientist - 22-Nov-2023

Drone technology could revolutionize emergency response & improve survival for cardiac arrest patients


Frieda Health raised EUR 2.5 million to advance their menopause platform

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

A step towards empowering women for better health and quality of life


C. elegans: A tiny worm that can help scientists understand how ageing works

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

The research could lead to new ways to slow down ageing in humans


Oncomagnetic device harnesses electromagnetic fields to kill cancer cells

Live Forever Club - 20-Nov-2023

Device uses non-invasive magnetic fields to increase ROS levels in cancer cells

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