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Why 3D supplement printing holds a bright future for longevity


Key points from article :

3D printing has a unique role in providing personalized supplements.

Multiply Labs "prints"targeted and time-specific supplements.

Nourish3d provides a subscription option of vegan, sugar-free, made-to-order "stacks."

Time-release innovation significantly impacts management of conditions like high BP, diabetes.

~33% of adults in US have high BP and face complicated therapy regimens.

This complexity in drug regimen leads to poor adherence, associated with increased risks.

10% of the entire US population is diagnosed with diabetes.

One study found that Type 2 diabetes patients were prescribed 8.6 pills/day on average.

At least 45% of them fail to achieve glycemic control due to inadequate medical adherence.

Nonadherence can be improved with one simple 3D-printed medication combining different dosages.

A consequence of both health supplements and medicine capsules is enormous environmental damage.

3D printed customized drugs cut down on the unused and discarded medications.

Vast potential when tapped for pharmaceutical medicine use as well

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